1. Hi Paul just letting you know that the base for Lockie Cable tag is too short. Thanking you Sam Nicol.

    • Hello Sam. I’m having a look at that one also.

      • Hi Sam. Could you please measure the length of both the lid and the base for Lockie. They both should be 80mm, 8cm in length. Which one is wrong?

      • Hi Paul the base for the Lockie Cable tag is 70mm and the base that was printed is Base40

      • Okay Sam, Interesting. The base 40 file measures at 80mm. The LIZ base however measures at 70mm because of the shorter name. Can you drop a base 40 onto the print bed and using the measuring tool let me know what it measures to be. Drop the LIZ base onto the bed also and check that one. I’ll keep looking this end also.

      • Sorry, I meant the SCALE function within the FLASHPRINT software. Select the model and click on SCALE twice and it brings up the measurements of the model.

    • Hello again Sam. I have downloaded both the LOCKIE LID and the BASE 40 base and loaded them onto the printer several times and they both keep measuring up at 80mm in length. I am thinking that perhaps one of the shorter bases for LIZ or TAY may have been confused for a BASE 40 base. Do you think this is possible?

  2. Hi Paul, the order for Tay (Box style) is facing some quality control problems that we would kindly like to ask for you to look at. The box width is too narrow for the letters to slide in. We have tried sanding the sides off to fit the rail, however we have sanded it down to the top and bottom of each letter yet it still does not fit. We would therefore like to ask if you could please reduce the size of the letters OR align the size of the rail.
    Mrs P-B will send photos.
    Thank you for your efforts, they are greatly appreciated. Best Regard, Albert Sandor

  3. Hi Paul Just letting you know that Willams order does not have the cord cavity. Thanking you Sam Nicol.

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