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Heart Attack

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Heart Attack | General Information about Heart Attacks
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Heart AttackGeneral Characteristics
The most common type of heart attack is caused by a coronary thrombosis, which occurs when a clot (thrombus) blocks one or more of the Blood vessels that nourish the heart muscle.

As a result of the lack of blood, part of the muscle may be damaged, and its ability to contract may be lost. This is known as a myocardial infarction.

If the infarct is small and the electrical impulses that control the heart’s contractions (beats) are not disturbed, chances for recovery are excellent.

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ADD / ADHD Alternatives

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Alternative Approaches to ADD/ADHD Treatment
By Amy Paturel, MS, MPH Medically reviewed by Kevin O. Hwang, MD, MPH

Medication alone is not always the answer.
Over the past two decades, diagnoses of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)/attention deficit disorder (ADD) have continued to rise.

According to Blair Hammond, M.D., Pediatric Clerkship Director in the Department of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, this increase is “in part because doctors are more aware of the diagnosis, and also because parents are more aware of the condition and bring up the issue more frequently with their doctors/teachers.”

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How do ADHD Medications Work?

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Studies in Biological Psychiatry provide answers.

There is a swirling controversy about the suspicion that medications prescribed for the treatment of ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) primarily act to control disruptive behavior as opposed to having primary effects on the ability to attend to the environment.

Thus, there is a continued need to better understand the neural basis of ADHD medication effects.

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The Predominantly Inattentive Life

moving forward

Accepting is one thing–living with it is an entirely different and that is where the problem can be.  After testing and being put through a checklist– it is at once–a relief and a burden.

YAY!  I have a diagnosed problem!  OH WAIT!  I have a problem.  :D

Can I meet the challenge?  Will I still fail?  And yet, I wasn’t lazy, dumb or a failure…I have a real issue.   Happiness and anxiety. Mixed together.   The first session deals with this aspect of the diagnosis–even if you may have suspected it or it came as a complete surprise–your feelings may still be mixed.


Here are the bullet points and lessons of Session 1:

*There may be relief at finally having a problem recognized and labeled for what it is–a valid medical condition, which is NOT now, and NEVER was, your “fault”.

*There may be renewed hope that help may…

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